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Henny is the embodiment of a "creative" - overflowing with vision and ideas, and bringing so much talent and laughter to KJD. Equipped with a fine arts degree, she's a crazy gifted and versatile artist - a talented film and digital photographer, artist, illustrator, and social media whiz. 

Henny plays a key support role at KJD, often behind the scenes working on social media templates, brand illustrations, and print design. And let's not forget, she's a Dutch farm girl, fitting right into the KJD family where that seems to be a prerequisite.

First and foremost, I wear the title of mom. The journey of motherhood has been a crash course in the art of time management, empathy, selflessness, and finding humility (I haven't quite graduated yet). Raising four kids, including a wild pair of twins, while navigating running a business, has ignited a fire of productivity within me.

Beyond a mom - I’m a designer, brand builder, and creative. At the very core of what I do, my deepest desire is to leave everything more beautiful than I found it. Within that, I truly believe in the client experience, and I work tirelessly to craft clean, strategic, and thoughtful branding and design for each of my clients. My work is rooted in a deep passion for nurturing relationships and crafting impactful, artful solutions, to help your business and passions grow and thrive. 

I hold both a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Arts and Communications Technology - uniquely trained to couple both design and business knowledge to create communications solutions that are creative, strategic, and effective. 


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After my first son was born in 2016, I found myself seeking a way to marry my education and experience in business with my desire to create. During this time I began taking on design projects for friends, family, and anyone who would hire me. As my skills grew, my business evolved.

Today, I consider my unique superpower to be the ability to seamlessly merge design and business expertise, resulting in visual brand identities that resonate deeply with your target audience and reflect your individual style. Each project I undertake becomes a personal investment, with the ultimate goal is to equip you with a branding toolkit that authentically represents and empowers you.

I've been married for 11 years (we were babies when we tied the knot) to the best guy. His name is Greg and he holds our family together.

I'm a farm girl at heart. My favourite place to be is in the garden with my hands in the dirt. I dream all year of the cut flowers that I'll plant in the Spring. 

I've always loved design. Looking back at my obsession with Microsoft Paint, building Sims houses, and my meticulously laid out high school Powerpoint presentations, it seems like a no brainer that I'd end up here... Even though it most certainly wasn't in my sights during my six years of post-secondary. 

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Kathlyn makes everything she touches beautiful.

Kathlyn is a talented designer and excellent communicator who makes everything she touches beautiful. She has creative vision, operates seamlessly across many styles and platforms, and brings continuity to complex projects. Best of all is she’s an amazing human: she‘s kind, gracious, collaborative, humble and hilarious, which makes her a total delight to work with.

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I was amazed at her expertise and creativity.

From the very moment I started working with Kathlyn I was amazed at her expertise and creativity. It didn’t take much time for her to develop branding that fit so perfectly for me and my work. All through getting to know me and understanding the style and feel I was hoping for. I continue to recommend her to people I know because she is such a delight to work with. She is knowledgeable, professional, an incredibly talented artist, and just a lovely person through and through!

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Kathlyn is not only incredibly creative and gifted, but she is also amazingly intuitive in understanding the needs of her client. Time and time again she has captured branding and design insights for me that others were not able to understand. On top of that, she is an absolute joy to work with, relentlessly dependable, and tirelessly accommodating of our processes and timelines. I would recommend Kathlyn unreservedly and with immense enthusiasm.

She is amazingly intuitive in understanding the needs of her client.

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